Coronavirus Shaped Robots Deployed in India to Help Sanitize High-Risk Areas

India has over 132 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19 with over 3,800 deaths. As a result, the country has been proactive in using technology to protect citizens and make them aware of the dangerous virus. Recently, they’ve introduced a unique new robot that is becoming a sensation on social media.

A Coronavirus-shaped robot was deployed in containment zones in the state of  Tamil Nadu‘s capital of Chennai to help sanitize high-risk areas. The robot, which is transported by a three-wheel vehicle, can carry about 30 liters of disinfectant.

Coronavirus Shaped Robot Designed by Chennai-based Artist

The robots were designed by Chennai-based artist B. Gowtham and built by Indian company MAuto Pride. Gowtham previously designed coronavirus-inspired helmets for police. While the robot does sanitize, the main goal of its unique design is to spread awareness about the infectious disease.

The coronavirus shaped robot is only a prototype as there are plans to build an improved version to be deployed in higher risk areas. Tamil Nadu has had 13,191 cases with 87 deaths.

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