India Using Corona Combat Drones with Disinfectant & Thermal Cameras

In an effort to help keep citizens safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, India has relied heavily on tech. They’ve used robots to distribute information, hand out masks and even run coronavirus isolation wards. Now they are turning to drones to fight the virus from above. 

Local company India Robotics Solution has built “Corona Combat Drones”.  The two drones help monitor citizens for possible infection and sanitize potential hotspots. While still in the testing phase, officials hope if successful they can be deployed on a large scale throughout the country. India has over 56,000 confirmed cases of the virus with about 1800 deaths

CoronaVirus Combat Drones India - YellRobot,com
credit: India Robotics Solution

Drone Uses Thermal Imaging Camera to Monitor Body Temperature

The first drone is designed to identify anyone who may possibly be infected with the deadly disease. It’s equipped with a thermal camera that has the ability to detect elevated body temperatures from up to 60 feet away. A fever is one of the most common signs of COVID-19.

If the drone notices someone who may be at risk, the person will be directed by audio to the nearest testing center.

“Our goal is to reduce the risk of health officials being exposed to the virus while just going for routine check-ups,” said India Robotics Solution founder Sagar Gupta Naugriya “With the deployment of TCCD (thermal camera), the potential patient will be screened and will be asked to come out of their premises when directed by using a Bluetooth speaker attached to the TCCD. To ensure the operations don’t get hampered at night, we have put a spotlight for night vision.”

CoronaVirus Combat Drones India - YellRobot,com
credit: India Robotics Solution

Corona Combat Drone Sprays Disinfectant

The other drone’s job is to sanitize from above. It carries a three-liter tank of disinfectant which is sprayed through four nozzles onto a designated area. It can fly for about a mile while dispensing disinfectant before needing its battery changed. The drone can operate fully autonomously in geo-fenced areas.

So far, 15 locations in Delhi have been sanitized in 5 days by the Corona Combat Drones including 6 slums of Paschim Vihar where more than 15000 people live. The temperature monitoring drone is currently being tested in Delhi and Gurugram.

“Corona Combat Drone is a safe option amid the ever-increasing outbreak of coronavirus. And, I believe our drone will prove to be helpful in stopping this situation,” said Naugriya.

The company claims that both drones can be mass-produced quickly and that many states in India have already asked for deployments.

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