Chowbotics Salad Making Robots Coming to Hospitals Across the US

To help feed healthcare workers, Chowbotics will be deploying 50 of its salad-making robots to hospitals across the country. Name Sally, the robot can make a customized salad in under 90 seconds. Customers use a touch screen to choose from 22 ingredients that are kept fresh in airtight containers.

The salad making robot can work around the clock and has a small footprint only taking up a 3×3 area. Customers aren’t just limited to salads as the robot can make also make grain and yogurt bowls. The robot is completely autonomous and can make about 65 meals before ingredients need to be replaced by a human worker.

Salad Making Robot Can Help Limit Person to Person Contact

During the  COVID-19 pandemic, places like hospitals are especially trying to limit unnecessary human to human contact. Many have closed or limited staff at cafeterias. A robot like Sally can play an important role as healthcare workers can have nutritious meals but at the same time limit their risk for catching or passing on the deadly virus.

The robot from the Hayward, California based startup has been seen in places like college campuses, offices, and grocery stores. Chowbotics says by June they will have 70 Sally robots in hospitals across the US and Europe.  

Source: the spoon

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