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Childcare Robots

Robots are taking over every aspect of our life, for better or for worse. Be it industries, businesses or even our home. But they might also now be raising our children. Robots have slowly started to infiltrate childcare centers around the world. Childcare robots are usually filling the gap in supply and demand for healthcare specialists in certain countries.

Childcare robots are also providing ways for parents to better monitor their kids in their absence. Many families have different schedules and it becomes difficult to look after children when both parents are working. This problem is especially difficult to deal with when small children are involved.


ChildCare Robots - YellRobot
credit: Vevo


Vevo is a three feet tall humanoid robot with a bear-shaped head that is designed to look after kids. This little robot was developed by Japanese Gunma University academics. This robot will be able to familiarise itself with individual human faces and greet them.

Vevo will be able to record their temperature as well using the tool known as a thermograph. It can also monitor heartbeat and the amount of movement in children. It continues to monitor this as the children are sleeping and will promptly raise an alarm if something unusual occurs i.e the levels fall above or below normal.

The robot will record and observe children’s body temperatures for irregularities as they are playing. The main objective of this particular robot model is to fill the gap in between the supply for childcare specialists in Japan. Japan has a rapidly aging population and interest in child-care and sectors of child care have gone dramatically down.

Global Bridge Holdings, the company behind the child care centers aims to expand this robot child-carer to many of its institutions across Japan. They also plan to commercialize their robot within the year. It is estimated that Vevo the childcare robot will go for around $35,000 (USD)

ChildCare Robots - YellRobot


The iPal was introduced to the world in San Jose, California at the RoboBusiness convention. This is three feet tall humanoid robot that is designed to give company to children for a few hours. It has wide human-like eyes (with cameras fitted inside of course), a touchscreen on its chest, fully opposable fingers and thumbs and can perform a myriad of other tasks.

It can dance and sing, play games like rock papers and scissors. Kids can interact with this robot by asking it simple questions, to which it provides simple answers. The iPal is designed only to provide company and keep children entertained for a few hours only. It provides interactive play time instead of a just of videos on a screen.

The CEO of Avatar Mind says that this robot is perfect for parents who might get home after their kids. These robots provide an interactive way to keep children active without having them glued to a screen. Kids can get an opportunity to learn while having a human-like presence keeping them company.

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