Bricklaying Robot Hadrian X Building Homes in Australia

Robots and AI have been making huge waves in construction. We’ve seen robot dogs working on a site in Montreal and autonomous construction equipment getting some big buzz in Silicon Valley. Now a brick laying robot is getting a lot of attention as it helps build homes in Australia.

Meet Hadrian X. The impressive brick laying robot comes from Australian company Fastbrick Robotics. It uses a telescopic boom that mounts to an excavator or truck. The robot can lay about 200 bricks per hour. 

Users simply feed Hadrian X a 3D CAD model of a house and the robot then gets to work placing bricks, along with the mortar and adhesive needed to hold everything together. Using Dynamic Stabilization Technology, Hadrian X measures movement caused by wind, vibration and inertia and counteracts it in real-time to keep the robot working in all types of weather and environments. 

Bricklaying Robot Making Walls in Dayton

Hadrian X is helping to complete the structural walls of a display home in a Western Australian residential development in the town of Dayton. It created the walls in three and a half standard bricklaying shifts. Human builders then took over to complete the rest of the house.

The home will serve as a display of Hadrian X’s bricklaying capabilities and automated construction.  Fastbrick Robotics plans to continue improving the technology to boost performance even further.

“From here, we will review our performance and apply our learnings from this build as part of our continuous improvement program,” says FBR’s Chief Technical Officer, Mark Pivac. “Finishing ahead of schedule for our first build on a residential site is a pleasing result for the company. Following our review, we will calibrate the Hadrian X to handle larger blocks like FBR’s F-Block, which will allow the Hadrian X to build future structures approximately 25 percent faster.”