Brain Corp Launches Robot Relief Program in San Diego

To help local businesses make sure they are properly sanitizing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brain Corp has launched the Robot Relief Program. The San Diego based robotics company will provide autonomous floor cleaning robots for three months at no cost. 

Along with the floor cleaning bots, the program also includes deployment, training and support. The service is available to essential business such as grocery stores and medical facilities. To be eligible the business must be located within 350 miles of San Diego.

“We do have quite a few robots in San Diego that we use for demos and pilots, just our own research and development, testing our software,” said Eugene Izhikevich, chief executive of Brain Corp. “Quite a few employees reached out to me about ways we could help. So during this medical crisis, we are going to give away these robots to businesses.”

Brain Corp Floor Cleaning Robots San Diego - YellRobot
credit: Brain Corp

Floor Cleaning Robots Help Free Up Workers

Brain Corp hopes the robots will allow businesses to free up workers to sanitize other parts of the building and also cut down on human to human interaction.

Onboard sensors allow the robots to autonomously navigate around staff, shoppers and other obstacles. They can be programmed to perform a single route, or multiple consecutive routes covering different parts of the building.

At the end of each session the robot uploads a detailed report including hours of operation, square footage cleaned, specific routes taken, and heat maps directly to a cloud server.

Brain Corp Floor Cleaning Robots San Diego - YellRobot
credit: Brain Corp

Brain Corp Bots Demand Surge During Pandemic

Brain Corp’s autonomous floor cleaning robots have been seen in places such as Walmart, Kroger’s, Mall of America and the San Diego International Airport. The company has seen demand surge with the recent coronavirus pandemic.

“Robots don’t take breaks. They don’t cough. They don’t sneeze. They don’t have bad days,” said Izhikevich. “The stores are taking sanitation seriously.” 

There about 25 robots available for the Robot Relief Program. Interested businesses must complete an application form on  Brain Corp’s website. The company estimates it will provide services worth $1.6 million through Robot Relief.

Source: San Diego Tribune

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