Blendid’s Smoothie Robot Lands at New Location

A few months ago we reported on Blendid’s smoothie robot. Known as Chef B, the impressive robot can make a healthy customized smoothie in under three minutes. The company is building upon its success and adding a new location at California’s Sonoma State University.

The stand-alone station includes blenders, two robotic arms, and 20 temperature-controlled dispensers for its fresh produce and liquids. Customers order, pay and customize their drink with an app or via a touch screen at the kiosk.

Once the order is placed, the robot gets to work using its arms to select the ingredients, mix, pour, and serve the smoothie. Thanks to automation, the drink is made exactly how the customer wants it. No spilled or wasted ingredients.

Smoothie robot Blendid autonomous - YellRobot
credit: Blendid

Blendid Used Team of Nutritionists to Create Menu

Robots are fun, but what about the smoothies?  Blendid only uses the freshest and healthiest natural ingredients. The company turned to an expert team of nutritionists and chefs to help create their recipes. The cost isn’t too bad either as each 12-ounce drink costs about $6.

Some of their more popular blends include the Classic, which is a low-calorie sugar-free strawberry-banana mix, and Banana Jolt made with a combination of bananas, coconut water, whole grain oats, and coffee. All smoothies can be easily customized to fit a customer’s preference.

In the near future, customers will be able to personalize the blends to their specific taste, dietary restrictions, and any allergies – the app will be able to automatically save any specific requests for easy future ordering.

Smoothie robot Blendid autonomous - YellRobot
credit: Blendid

Smoothie Robot Can Work Around the Clock

The smoothie robot can work 24 hours a day and takes up less space than typical mixing stations. Other than needing a human to refill when ingredients get low, the robot can operate pretty much independently. Each robot costs about $70,000 to build but Blendid offers a franchise option allowing the robot to be installed with a lower up-front cost.

Blendid’s other location is at the University of San Francisco’s Market Café. The Sunnyvale, California based company has plans to add more locations in 2020. The small footprint and convenience of the kiosk could make Blendid’s smoothie robot perfect for places like airports, malls, and office buildings.

 “We are preparing to go live in a number of locations in the coming months and 2020 in collaboration with some large partners of ours. This could include companies, shopping malls, airports, health clubs, and other public places where consumers go and expect good food. We will share more as soon as we can, stay tuned!” said Vipin Jain, co-founder & CEO of Blendid.

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