BellaBot is a Cat-Like Robot Waiter

We’ve seen robot waiters before. Whether a novelty to get more customers or a necessity to battle staff shortages, robots have been becoming increasingly more common in the restaurant industry. The newest robot waiter from Shenzhen, China-based PuduTech puts a bit of a new spin on things.

Meet BellaBot. It’s part waiter, part cat, and all robot. Like other robot waiters, it will bring food from kitchen to table. What makes BellaBot a bit different is its feline-like qualities. The onboard screen features a digital cat face to greet and react to customers.

BellaBot also includes an “advanced tactile feedback system.” So after the robot cat waiter delivers a meal, customers can scratch it on the head and pointy little ears rewarding it for a job well done. If the customer pets it the right way it will smile. If the person does not, BellaBot will give a look of dismay. The robot is also programmed with a variety of unique phrases.

Cat Robot Waiter Can Run for 24 Hours

It’s not all about cuteness. BellaBot is a pretty impressive waiter. It has four stacked shelves to hold meals. Each shelf can handle about 22 pounds. Onboard 3D sensors and cameras that help the waiter robot navigate around the restaurant. BellaBot can stop at any angle to help avoid any obstacles or humans that may get in the way. It can last about 24 hours before it needs to be recharged.

For restaurants that may have multiple Bellabots working, each can directly communicate with any other robot in the same network allowing them to work together.

The BellaBot isn’t PuduTech’s first robot. Last year the company released robot-waiter PuduBot which is already in about 2000 restaurants. PuduTech plans to release the BellaBot for sale in Spring 2020.

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