Smart LYZ is China’s First Fully Automated Hotel

In the past few years, robots have been working their way into hotels whether it be making deliveries or checking you in at the front desk. At those places, you still occasionally see humans. One completely automated hotel in Chengdu, China has pretty much eliminated human workers from the equation.


Automated Robot Hotel China - YellRobot
credit: Smart LYZ

Smart LYZ Hotel in Chengdu is Completely Automated

A first of it’s kind, the Smart LYZ hotel in Chengdu is completely automated. From when a guest arrives until when they leave, the hotel experience is handled by an app and onsite robots. Most likely visitors will never even see a human worker during their stay.

Guests can book their room entirely through the hotel’s website. When they arrive they won’t encounter a security guard, instead, they must verify their mobile number and go through a facial recognition machine to gain access to the building. Instead of heading to the front desk, the guest will be greeted by a robot which will guide them through the check-in process. Once complete, the bot will then lead them to their room and answer any questions they might have.

Automated Robot Hotel China - YellRobot
credit: Smart LYZ

Robots Check You in and Deliver Room Service at Smart LYZ Automated Hotel

If a guest wants room service or forgets to bring a toothbrush, they can put a request in the app and a robot will deliver straight to their room. Onboard sensors and cameras help the robots navigate the hotel and avoid any people or obstacles that may get in the way. When it’s time to check out, all guests have to do is press one button in the app and they’re done.

The robots run 24 hours a day and most requests can be made via the app. Need information about a local restaurant or some great places to see in Chengdu? Just ask your robot hosts. In case of emergency or if the guest has a special request, there are a few human workers standing by.

“Most of the requests from our guests can be fulfilled by our 24-hour online customer service,” said Than Li, the chief operating officer of LYZ.
“When the guests have special needs, like when they’re feeling unwell or other unexpected scenarios, they can request manual assistance, too.”

So far the automated hotel has been a success. The Smart LYZ hotel was opened back in January, since then the company has added two more automated hotels in Shenzhen and plans to build 50 more by the end of the year.


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