AutoGreens is the World’s First Automated Robot Farm

Many of us would like to have a garden, but simply don’t have the time or know how. Why not turn to robotics?

Meet AutoGreens. It’s the “World’s First” fully automated Robofarm for home or business. It takes care of everything from sowing to growing to harvesting. The unique conveyor-like design has a 10-day growing area. So when you take a portion — another will automatically start.

This means that greens are always freshly cut — increasing their nutritional value and reducing food and plastic waste. It can grow microgreens like broccoli, kale, arugula, sunflower, and red cabbage.

AutoGreens Robot Farm Features Built-In Optimal Growing Conditions

Users don’t have to worry about optimal conditions. AutoGreens features built-in air and water purification systems that solve potential contamination problems. Sun-like LED light, temperature, and humidity control provide perfect growing conditions. The robot farm also looks pretty good so it will be a nice decorative piece in a home or business

Barely any maintenance is needed as all users have to do is simply put in a seed roll about every 6 months. Pre-packed seed rolls contain growing medium and seed for up to 200 daily portions (100–150gr / 3–5oz).

AutoGreens was founded by Vlad Lunachev who was looking for a way to have fresh microgreens daily without being an urban farmer. No word on when the robot farm will be available to purchase as it’s still in the prototype phase. More information and updates can be found at

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