Artificial Intelligence Writes Burger King’s Latest Commercials

If you happen to write commercials for fast food, you better start getting that resume up to date. It looks like Artificial Intelligence is coming for your job.

Burger King claims their latest commercials have been written by their “Agency of Robots.”  Supposedly they used a new deep learning algorithm to write the copy and spit out these um… interesting commercials. The AI analyzed thousands of fast food commercials along with years of industry research. After processing all the data, the algorithm outputted scripts for the commercials.

Burger King said in the press release  “With the data provided, the algorithm was able to discover intricate patterns and gather insights for strategic and effective communication. The artificial neural network is a complex software architecture that essentially simulates how a human brain operates, allowing the A.I. to not only recognize patterns but also identify which of these patterns are more successful towards a given goal.”



Burger King’s Agency of Robots

From what we’ve seen the commercials are hilariously awful. The AI chosen titles include “Whopper Friend With Creepy Doctor”, “Whopper Mansion Title”, “Nugget Boy 1 and Boy 2 Food Together” and our personal favorite “Chicken Fries Beat Potato Loser”.

With lines like “We see the Burger King watches the friends” and “Bit of Mayonnaise for you to sleep”, the Agency of Robots isn’t going to win awards any time soon.

The AI did have a few good ones like “We are not sorry, the potato deserved this,” in regards to Burger King’s chicken fries. Apparently, Burger King is hoping to sell more Whoppers in the South American country of Uruguay as one of the lines is “The whopper lives in a bun mansion just like you. Order yourself today … Have it Uruguay.”


Burger King AI Ads are Hilariously Bad and Effective

Obviously, the commercials are a spoof and purposely bad. At least we hope or Burger King got ripped off big time by whoever sold them the software. As nonsensical as the commercials are, they’re actually pretty funny and entertaining. They achieve their goal, which is to get people to watch and share. We don’t know if they’ll sell more burgers, but it will make the brand stand out in the competitive fast food industry.

Burger King is claiming that these will be the first ads created entirely by AI to air on national television. We don’t know how accurate this statement is. Technically they were just written by AI. It doesn’t look like the ads were shot, edited or acted by AI. We look forward to having nightmares of a robotic Ronald McDonald speaking gibberish in an effort to get us to buy some McNuggets.


Burger King AI - YellRobot
credit: Burger King

AI in Creative Industries

The wacky commercials do at least spur conversation of Artificial Intelligence’s future role in creative work. Usually, for brands like Burger King, it takes a large group of people and thousands of man-hours to create an advertising campaign. Writers, marketing execs, graphic designers, camera operators along with a whole host of others contribute to the process. Could AI eventually make all of those jobs obsolete? Theoretically, a learning algorithm could process decades of data and research in minutes, then create an ad that statistically has the best chance to sell the product.

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising every year. Could a CEO  be tempted to just press a button and instantly create an advertising campaign? The fear is that once one company makes a successful ad by using AI, everyone will attempt to cut costs and follow suit.

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