Arisa Robot is Helping Riders Navigate Tokyo Subways

Navigating Tokyo’s subways could be quite overwhelming for the residents and tourists alike. For many visitors, the map resembles a big ball of tangled yarn. To help riders better traverse the subway system, Tokyo officials are trying out a friendly new robot.

Arisa Robot Will Give Directions and Pose For Pictures

The 6-foot tall robot is named Arisa and she’s stationed at the Ueno-Okachimachi Station on the Oedo Line. Straight out of an anime comic, Arisa provides directions, locations of the nearest toilets, and info about the surrounding area.  The robot also features an interactive screen where riders can access even more information.

For tourists, Arisa will provide information about local attractions and proper subway etiquette. The human-like like robot speaks four languages: Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. Arisa will even pose for pictures if you ask nicely. The robot, who has previously seen work as a receptionist and casino host, was created by THK and Aruze Gaming.

Arisa Robot Tokyo Subways - YellRobot

credit: Aruze Gaming America Inc.

Robots Could Help Guide Tourists During 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The trial period will last from December 17 to December 21, but officials plan to bring the robot back in February. Along with Arisa, robots will appear in five more Tokyo stations to help direct travelers. This is in part to help improve service and fight Japan’s severe labor shortage.

If all goes well, robots like Arisa will help guide tourists during the 2020 Olympics and eventually become permanent fixtures throughout Tokyo’s subways.

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