Amazon Receives Patent For Package Retrieval Robot

These days everyone is ordering stuff online. Unfortunately, sometimes packages get stolen, delivered to the wrong address or get left out in bad weather. Most of the time we aren’t home when the package arrives. What to do? …Get yourself a robot of course

Amazon AGV Robot Will Get Your Packages When You Aren’t Home

Amazon recently received a patent for an autonomous robot that will get your packages for you. It’s being called an AGV or autonomous ground vehicle.

According to the patent, the robot would autonomously travel to a central location like a delivery truck or an Amazon pickup center. Onboard sensors and GPS would assist the Amazon robot in traveling, mapping routes, avoiding obstacles, and detecting pick up and drop off areas.

“AGVs may be stationed at various types of locations (e.g., inside or outside of user residences, and may travel out (e.g., to a street) to meet a transportation vehicle (e.g., a delivery truck) that is carrying items. …Various types of sensors (e.g., image sensors, sound sensors, etc.) may be utilized to determine when a transportation vehicle is approaching an area.” stated the patent.

AGV Can Bring Packages Into Your Home

The robot can also hang around the house where it can be alerted to grab the package when it arrives. We wouldn’t expect the AGV to sit outside all day. According to the document, the Amazon package retrieval robot could be equipped with a sensor that would allow it to enter a home or open up the garage door.

“An access mechanism may include a transmitter device to allow the AGV to open and close a garage door for exiting and/or entering a garage. As another example, a specialized door ( e.g., sized to fit the AGV) may include a locking and/or opening mechanism so an AGV may receive and deliver an item when a user is busy or otherwise unavailable”  the patent also stated.

Amazon Retrieval Robot AGV - YellRobot
Credit: Amazon

Package Retrieval Robot Can Be Owned By Community or Single User

As far as ownership goes, there are a few different scenarios. A robot could be dedicated to a single user and live at their home. Or a single AGV may service a group of users in a specified area. The patent also stated that something like an apartment complex or multi-family dwelling could have an AGV designated for that community. No word yet on how much one of these would cost. Or if a person or community would have to buy the package retrieval robot outright or if they would lease it from Amazon.

It’s clear Amazon is envisioning autonomous robots as an integral part of their business going forward. We recently reported on the company testing out “Scout” which is an autonomous delivery robot. They also have been using robots in their warehouse facilities.

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