Artificial Intelligence Can Now Detect Your Emotion

Artificial Intelligence is Being Used to Detect Human Emotions Through Their Voice

Artificial Intelligence and Emotion Detection

Artificial Intelligence is being developed as a method to become more in tune with our devices and the methods we use to communicate with each other. The technology is increasing its ability to understand, predict and provide a solution for human emotions. AI tries to figure out what emotions mean, what motivates humans why we do certain things, in an effort to bring out the best outcomes in situations. Today, we’ll look at one of the leading companies that are developing AI and programs with human emotion detection.

Artificial Intelligence is Being Used to Detect Human Emotions Through Their Voice

Beyond Verbal

Beyond Verbal is a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel that used their patented voice emotion analytics technology to identify certain attributes of an individual that gives clues to one’s health condition. The technology focuses on the features of the voice rather than the content of the words being spoken. The conversations are not recorded. The technology identifies changes in the manner a person speaks to detect emotions such as happiness, stress, anger and attitude changes.

Beyond Verbal is used by insurance companies, pharma companies, wearable technology manufacturers and even call centers. The technology can help better performances of customer care representatives by predicting change in their emotions before they even realize it. Some of the features it measures are:

  • Valence:

This detects the ‘positivity’ and ‘negativity’ of how a person feels about a certain topic.

  • Arousal:

This detects ranges of ‘tranquility/boredom’ to ‘alertness/excitement’. It basically detects stimulation.

  • Temper:

A temper variable measures the entire mood of a person. A lower ‘temper’ might describe a depressive and gloomy mood. Medium temper might describe a friendly, comfortable and embracive mood and a high temper might describe an aggressive, domineering or confrontational mood.

  • Mood Groups:

A variable that detects the user’s emotional state at the time of the observation. This produces a range of detectable emotions such as anger, loneliness, self-control, happiness, excitement etc.

  • Emotion Combinations:

Emotions may be presented as combination during the observation conducted using Beyond Verbal. This variable produces combinations detectable from the voice of the person being observed.

Artificial Intelligence is Being Used to Detect Human Emotions Through Their Voice

Growing Voice Technologies

Developing voice technologies can detect the changing mood of an individual which can act as an incentive for the entire technology to shift its application methods. This means growing voice technology will help doctors diagnose patients with a more precise effectiveness, job interviews may be conducted in an all-new environment, and customized voice technology may be integrated into our everyday use technologies such as cars, our smartphones and even our appliances such as our TV or fridges.

Vocal afflictions may also provide an insight into one’s physical and mental health. Mental illness may be diagnosed in a faster, more precise way. Devices integrated with voice technology might come to know out emotional state better than most people and can create a more personalized relationship with the technology involved. Technologies integrated with emotion AI may be able to provide solutions for emotional stress so that the user may be able to understand their problems in a better way.


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