DeNA AI Helping to Detect Dangerous Driving

When we think of artificial intelligence and driving, the first thing that springs to mind is usually autonomous cars. But when it comes to our roads, AI is capable of so much more. From keeping an eye on conditions to helping insurance companies judge fault in accidents. Now it’s teaching drivers how to improve safety.

Japanese IT firm DeNA has launched a service to help reduce accidents by using AI to detect dangerous driving. Onboard cameras and sensors will capture things like speed, distance from other vehicles and even the expressions on driver’s faces. The AI will then analyze the data and look for indications of dangerous driving such as inattentiveness and aggression.

AI Driving Program Reduced Accidents During Testing

Drivers can review the footage and the AI assessment to see where they can improve. There are seven different factors to look at such as sudden acceleration and a failure to keep a sufficient distance with other vehicles.

The service is currently available to select businesses including taxi companies and logistics firms. DeNA previously tested the program between April and October of last year. When incorporating the AI to detect dangerous driving, the number of accidents fell by about 25% for taxis and 48% for trucks. The company plans to eventually make the service available to more businesses as well as individual drivers.

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