Abu Dhabi Equipping Police Cars with Biometric Facial Recognition

If you happen to be a criminal in Abu Dhabi things may have just gotten a bit more difficult. Police cars in the UAE’s capital will be soon using biometric facial recognition to help recognize wanted criminals and those on police watch lists.

The AI lives in a smart bar on top of patrol cars, communicating in real-time directly with a server located in the central operations department. The software can instantly cross-match an image against the police watch list. If there is a match, police will get an instant notification to act.

The smart bar isn’t just about nabbing crooks. It can also identify plate numbers of wanted cars and the surveillance cameras can recognize speeding vehicles or those associated with other violations.

Abu Dhabi Police Smart Bars - YellRobot
Smart Gate in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police Using Drones and Smart Glasses

Abu Dhabi will begin upgrading police cars in the coming months. Not all vehicles will be upgraded at the same time. Between 5 and 10 police cars at a time will be fitted with the new smart technology.

The smart bars and biometric facial recognition aren’t the only new tech the Abu Dhabi police force is implementing. They recently opened a smart gate on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road to monitor weather conditions and catch drivers violating traffic rules. Drones are being used to monitor traffic and direct patrols. Officers are even using ‘smart glasses’ that include a micro-camera that uses AI and augmented reality to automatically scan hundreds of faces.

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