5G Sanitation Robots to Help Clean Streets in China

China-based company Infore Zoomlion Enviro has developed the world’s first 5G unmanned sanitation robots. They’ll be helping to clean the streets of Changsha, the capital of central Hunan Province.  The robots can autonomously detect, collect and transport garbage.

Along with getting rid of rubbish, they’ll also be sweeping and washing the city’s roads. Some of the robots have specialties including snow removal, electric washing and a few can even climb and clean walls if needed.

“The robots can automatically detect and trace rubbish, sweep and wash road, and collect and transport refuse. The robots can be deployed in alleys, schools, industrial parks and other urban areas,” said the company’s innovation director Dr Zhang Bin.

Sanitation Robots Monitored and Controlled Over 5G

The speed of the 5G network allows the robots to be monitored, share information and if needed, controlled in real-time. All robots can be seamlessly switched between autonomous and manned modes.

Officials hope that the robots will help cut costs and alleviate the city’s sanitation labor shortage. Infore Zoomlion Enviro plans to deploy the robots on a larger scale and “to help build a national intelligent city system”. They are also looking beyond China and are working to export their sanitation robots to other places around the globe.

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