5G Car is Screening for Viruses and Making Deliveries in Beijing

A new self-driving vehicle in China is doing more than just delivering packages. The Beijing Institute of Technology has deployed a 5G autonomous car on campus to help screen visitors for COVID-19 and carry equipment.

The small autonomous vehicle is part of Beijing company Cool High Technology’s KuGaea Kun series. While the 5g robotic vehicle is too small to hold people, it can carry things like packages and equipment. When it reaches a destination, four side-mounted locker doors will open to allow items to be manually retrieved. 

5g car screening for COVID-19 Beijing - YellRobot

360 Camera Screens Visitors for COVID-19

Along with making deliveries, the 5G smart car features a 360-degree top-mounted camera that can identify pedestrians via facial recognition and measure temperature using thermal imaging. High temperature can be the first sign of someone possibly infected with COVID-19. Security personnel can see data on a screen on the back of the vehicle or remotely at a command center on campus.

While most Chinese Universities have re-opened, they still remain cautious and pro-active in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. New technology has been an important tool in the wake of the virus. Along with college campuses, countries around the globe have been implementing AI to help fight the coronavirus at places like hospitals and airports.

5g car screening for COVID-19 Beijing - YellRobot

Source:  Xinhua