5 Ways AI Is Helping to Fight the Coronavirus

Around the world, people from all walks of life are battling the coronavirus. The good news is that we are not alone. Artificial intelligence and robotics are playing a major role in keeping places clean and people safe. Below are a few ways AI is helping us overcome the dangerous virus.

Alibaba AI Can Detect Coronavirus with 96% Accuracy

Alibaba claims to have a new AI-powered system that can detect the coronavirus with an accuracy of up to 96%. Researchers trained the AI with sample data from more than 5,000 confirmed cases. It was able to look at CT scans and differentiate those infected with coronavirus versus ordinary pneumonia.

The system can complete the recognition process in under 20 seconds versus human doctors who can take between five and twenty minutes to analyze a scan.

AI Coronavirus - YellRobot

UVD Robots Disinfecting Hospitals

UVD Robots is a Danish company that is using robots to help disinfect rooms in hospitals. They feature powerful 360° degree disinfection coverage with powerful short-wavelength ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights that can destroy the DNA of any microorganisms they come in contact with. They can be controlled over wifi and will sanitize any room they are told to go in to. The robots have been operating in China for the past few weeks.

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Chatbot Answers COVID-19 Questions and Connects You to a Doctor

Information is key. A chatbot created by San Francisco-based Memora Health and New York-based Ro is using artificial intelligence to answer basic questions about COVID-19. If a person reports that they have a fever or cough or have been in a high-risk area, they can be connected to Ro’s telehealth service to speak to licensed doctors via phone or video chat.

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Robots Cleaning Hong Kong Train Stations

An autonomous robot is being deployed by Hong Kong’s MTR to help keep train stations clean. The robot, which is a result of a partnership with Avalon Biomedical, automatically sprays hydrogen peroxide solution helping penetrate small gaps that are difficult to reach during normal cleaning. 

An operator can program the floor plan into the robot or control it with a mobile device. The robot can be quickly deployed if an emergency cleaning situation comes up. So far it has disinfected areas at the Mong Kok East station including staff rooms and toilets as well as the passenger lifts after a staff member was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Self Driving Delivery Vans Autonomous Neolix - YellRobot

Neolix Self-Driving Vans Delivering Supplies and Disinfecting the Streets

People and places under quarantine still need supplies. Unfortunately, there might not be enough drivers or the chance for infection could be too high. That’s where Chinese self-driving delivery company Neolix comes in. They deployed fleets of their autonomous vehicles in some of the hardest-hit areas of the country.

The self-driving vans are delivering food and medical supplies to citizens and emergency workers on the front line. The vans are even helping to disinfect the streets.

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